Search AD

1) Keyword Search AD

Displayed on the various area simultaneously with one ad registration and encountered by more customers which advertisers cost per click.
It has a good advertising effect by appearing on the top of browser mostly.
Advertisers can expect maximized and high-quality clicks through CPC AD. Each advertisement is displayed thru ranking system, calculated with
the maximum click cost of each keyword and quality index of ads.
To improve the quality index of ads, focus on making them as compelling as possible by
keeping ad very relevant to the keyword and landing page.1

Most popular online search AD marketing tools in South Korea.

Naver Daum Google Nate
Search AD
CPC Click choice Daum search AD AD words
CPT Special link
Sponsor box
Brand Naver brand AD Daum brand AD
Mobile only Click choice plus

2) Brand Search AD

Naver(Brand Search AD), Daum(Brand Search AD)

Brand Search is a contents search advertisement that displays the advertiser's brand, along with various images, on the very top of the unified
search results when the brand keyword or keyword that is highly relevant with the brand is searched.
Most businesses use Brand Search to reinforce a presence within a market space or to ensure brand continuity across all marketing mediums.

3) Mobile search AD: Naver(Click choice plus)

‘Click choice plus’ is customized advertisement by industries that optimized for mobile devices. It is possible to deliver many information related to products.


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